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* Custom size mats are available. Contact us for more details and pricing.

  • Betty B. Flat

    The Betty B. Flat is a tool designed with quilters in mind,and is a step above any other conventional pressing method. The results are a seam that is much flatter and prevents seam allowance impressions. Keep your Betty B. Flat close by your pressing area. Press your seam as you...
  • Steady Stiletto

    The Steady Stiletto will hold and guide your fabric like no other! Unlike a standard sharp pointed stiletto, which allows the fabric to pivot and may cause uneven seams, the Steady Stiletto holds the fabric just like a natural finger...only better. Suggested Uses:     Pressing     Machine Embroidery     Machine Piecing Keep your Fabric...
  • Press & Pin Betty

    The new Press & Pin Betty has all the features of our original board, plus it gives you the ability to pin to the surface on one side. This is a wonderful advantage when you need to secure applique, bindings, art projects and many other applications. The new Press & Pin Betty...
  • The Steady Betty 16" x 16"

    The 16" Steady Betty is lightweight yet allows for more surface area. It is a quilters favorite. It’s size is perfect for laying out blocks while you still have a very portable mat. I use a lightweight iron and it saves me time and energy.

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