Designer Press & Pin Betty

Designer Press & Pin Betty

  The Designer Series Press & Pin Betty has all of the wonderful features of our original Press & Pin Betty.  In addition, the beautiful sides give it added protection, which will extend the life of your Press & Pin Betty.

The Press & Pin Betty has all the features of our original board, plus it gives you the ability to pin to the surface on one side. This is a wonderful advantage when you need to secure applique, bindings, art projects and many other applications.  The new Press & Pin Betty has had wonderful reviews and has been a big hit everywhere.

The board comes in 12"x12", 16"x16", 15"x24", and our latest addition, 12"x16", sizes to suit your preference. Some of our customers prefer a larger working surface and so they use the 16"x16" version, while others prefer the portability of the 12"x12" board.

If you already have one of our original Steady Betty's consider adding the new Press & Pin to your sewing room. We know you will enjoy the wonderful benefits it has to offer.


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