Steam Supreme Fat Quarter Board 20" X 24"

Steam Supreme Fat Quarter Board 20" X 24"

Perfect size for pressing fat quarters... as well as all pressing projects and techniques.

This ultra lightweight board has been designed with steam in mind. When your project requires the use of steam to acquire certain results, our Steam Supreme takes the heat as well as the steam.

Designed for steam or dry irons.

As with all of our boards, the Steam Supreme’s surface stays COOLER than other pressing surfaces.

Whether you choose the original Steady Betty or one of our specialty boards, each one outperforms other pressing products. These specially designed boards grab your fabric so there’s no movement as you press. Each board provides the perfect amount of cushioning, therefore creating a very smooth flat surface and eliminating seam impressions on the right side of your piece.

All Steady Betty boards have the stability you expect; as well as being able to press on either side. The Steady Betty is an extremely stable surface to work with.

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