Our Products

* Custom size mats are available. Contact us for more details and pricing.

  • Betty Bands

    "Free Motion notion" A Wonderful new product from The Steady Betty! The Betty Bands are the best thing for free motion quilting or any sewing that you need more control and comfort! They are great for art quilts, applique, or any free motion sewing. The Betty Bands are so comfortable...
  • The Ruler Betty

    Perfect for keeping that ruler in place. The Ruler Betty comes with ten 1/4" wide, adhesive backed strips that you cut  to your own specifications. We use pieces in several places along our rulers, but find it necessary to use more on longer rulers. They will keep your ruler from moving when cutting long strips (like...
  • Steady Stiletto

    The Steady Stiletto will hold and guide your fabric like no other! Unlike a standard sharp pointed stiletto, which allows the fabric to pivot and may cause uneven seams, the Steady Stiletto holds the fabric just like a natural finger...only better. Suggested Uses:     Pressing     Machine Embroidery     Machine Piecing Keep your Fabric...
  • Betty Bridge

    The new Betty Bridge was designed to solve the problem of the difference in height on your sewing machine's bed or surround, causing seam allowances to get caught and flip during sewing.  To use the Betty Bridge, peel the back paper off and place the Betty Bridge on the bed or...
  • Betty Bridge Supreme

    The Betty Bridge Supreme has all of the same functions as the original Betty Bridge with added seam guides and repositionable long lasting material. *Each package contains 2 Betty Bridge Supremes.
  • Steady Stiletto II

    This dual purpose stiletto has the traditional pointed tip along with our unique slanted foam tip. Suggested Uses:     Pressing     Machine Embroidery     Machine Piecing Keep your Fabric close and your Needle closer.