About Us

Being a quilter myself I struggled with the pressing process while creating quilt pieces.I knew I wanted everything to be as precise as possible.When using the standard surface on which quilters have to press our piecing projects I found it was just not good enough,So off to the drawing board I went.

Soon The Steady Betty was born.With help from my Husband Gerald we have created the perfect pressing surface,The Steady Betty.
Now the answer to getting a perfect press on all of your piecing is here.I hope you will try the Steady Betty on your projects.

It is now more than a pressing surface.I have found through my customers and friends it has many other uses.Here is just a small list of it’s uses.
Design board,Beading Board,Lap desk,Wool project board.

I know you will enjoy all of the products we now have in the Steady Betty line so please check them out at your local quilt shop.

God Bless.
Kathy and Gerald