• 1. What is The Steady Betty?

    The Steady Betty is unique pressing surface that keeps fabric in place. When pressing seams with The Steady Betty your seams will be uniform and straight.

  • 2. What if my Steady Betty gets dirty?

    If your Steady Betty gets dirty spray it with a light mist of plain water and press down with a soft cloth. Do Not Scrub the Steady Betty.

  • 3. What if my Steady Betty gets a bruise?

    If your Steady Betty gets a bruise, spray it with a light mist of plain water. Do Not Scrub the Steady Betty.

  • 4. Will an iron hurt the Steady Betty?

    As with any fabric too much heat can damage it.But with normal use it is just fine.Do not leave the iron on the Steady Betty for an abnormal length of time as it will leave a mark.

  • 5. Can I get a custom size?

    Yes. The steady Betty can be built to a custom specification for hard boards and ironing board covers.

  • 6. What is your Exchange Policy?

    You can find the details of our exchange policy HERE

  • 7. Is it normal for the fabric color to change over time?

    We strive to ensure that the materials we use to make our products adhere to strict quality guidelines. Please be aware that it is not abnormal for the fabric color of the Steady Betty products to change over time.

  • 8. Can I see the Steady Betty in action? Maybe at a tradeshow?

    Yes! We would love to meet you and let you see the Steady Betty line of products up close! Our tradeshow schedule is here.

  • 9. Are the Ironing Board Covers machine washable?

    Yes! Our ironing board covers are machine washable: use delicate cycle, warm water and mild detergent.

* If your question has not been answered, please contact us and we will get it answered.