Steady Betty Pro 13" x 13"

Steady Betty Pro 13" x 13"

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The Steady Betty Pro is a unique pressing board with a foam-like surface which holds fabric better than other surfaces, giving you complete control of your fabric. Unique core construction prevents steam from going through the board, allowing you to use steam.

The Steady Betty board is designed to help fabric artists navigate through the major pressing skills and techniques needed to acquire spectacular results. Carefully designed and made of quality materials and workmanship, the Steady Betty pressing board will be your favorite new tool.

Fabric artists often become frustrated with the outcome of their work; only to realize that the correct pressing surface will make the difference between an excellent outcome or an unacceptable one. The Steady Betty will help solve problems and help you master the art of pressing.


1. Unique durable Steady Betty surface

2. Holds fabric in place for accuracy

3. Steam, or dry ironing

4. Cooler surface to work with

5. Ultra lightweight

6. Perfect amount of cushioning and firmness

7. Both sides designed for pressing

8. Unique core construction prevents steam from going through the board

9. Excellent for piecing, bias, embroidery and much more

10. Minimizes seam impressions on the front of your work