Steady Betty Rug Hooking

Steady Betty Rug Hooking

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The Steady Betty for rug hooking is a unique pressing board with a foam like surface that will hold your rug perfectly still while you steam your completed project. The Steady Betty's unique core construction prevents any steam from going through the board. The design of our boards allows the pressing surface to dry quickly leaving much less moisture than a typical wool mat.

One side of the Steady Betty Rug Hooking Pressing Board is our high quality wool.


1. Unique durable Steady Betty surface on one side, wool on the other

2. Holds fabric in place for accuracy

3. Steam, or dry ironing

4. Cooler surface to work with

5. Ultra lightweight

6. Perfect amount of cushioning and firmness

7. Both sides designed for pressing

8. Unique core construction prevents steam from going through the board