Wooly Fat Quarter 20" X 24"

Wooly Fat Quarter 20" X 24"

 Perfect size for pressing fat quarters...as well as all pressing projects and Techniques.

 Let’s compare our Premium Wooly Betty to the ordinary wool pad. Unlike ordinary wool pads that allow steam to go through the wool onto the work surface, the Wooly Betty’s unique core stops steam from going through! This feature will also keep your pressing surface dryer than average wool pads. The Wooly Betty has luxurious wool on one side, and our famous Steady Betty fabric on the other. The Wooly Betty gives you two boards in one and is very lightweight.

Because of the unique Steady Betty surface, our patented boards outperform other pressing surfaces. Specially designed to hold fabric so there is no movement as you press. The Steady Betty is wonderful for all fabrics including cotton, wool, and silk.

Heat is absorbed and reflected back onto the fabric being pressed, leaving the Steady Betty surface cooler so you can continue working on your project. Teachers, Designers, and Educators have discovered the additional benefits of using the Steady Betty.

The Steady Betty side, as well as the Wooly side, have special characteristics providing the perfect amount of cushioning; therefore it creates a professional finish to your project eliminating seam impressions and creating a clean finish.

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